Play NES on Android

I love NES games! And that is why I want to share how I did to make my Android TV to a classic NES game console. So others can enjoy this retro experience!

This guide is particular for turning your Android TV into a NES game console (Nintendo Entertainment System) also known as Nintendo 8-bit with help of an emulator software.

But it will also function with other retro game consoles on other Android devices.

Hardware needed to play NES on Android

  1. A TV or another screen with HDMI support.
  2. An Android device, I'm using a MK808b with RC11 airmouse. It has bluetooth, which fits me perfect since I'm going to use wireless game control later.
  3. 1 or 2 game controllers. I'm using a wired USB NES game control. Later in this project, I will try to fit a wireless PS3 game control into a NES game control to modernizing the retro feeling a bit. If you're not up to setting up wireless controllers or rebuilding and just want to play, get an wired USB NES controller!
  4. USB hub if you're using wired game controllers.

Software needed to play NES on Android

Find games (roms) to nes emulator

NES games is my absolute favourite! The emulation software will not include games (roms). And due to copyright laws I will not list or upload any games or roms to this webpage. But Google will be more then helpful to find what you are looking for. Feel free to use this customized-for-roms search box below. It will only search three major sites containing roms, so you don't have to spend your day searching for roms. I know you're eager to play NES by now!

Custom Search

That will be all you need to continue with this project!

How to do it.

Connect your Andriod TV to your TV via HDMI, also connect the power USB to the TV. In some cases, the TV don't provide enough amps (read milli amps) to run the Android TV. It will shut down when you try to stream a movie or play games, when the graphics processor works hard. In this case you will have to use the external power supply included in the package.

Plug in the airmouse and get familiar with your android device. The airmouse is a really cool thing!!

When you're familiar with the MK808b, I think you should change the background image of your android device to something retro. It will make the whole thing a bit funnier! At least I think it's important.

First time I connected the USB game pad and the airmouse together with the USB hub, I experienced a big lag. I figured it was a bad USB hub or to much to handle for the MK808b. But I just let it rest for a while, and the next time i tried, it worked!!