Play retro games on Android

I love NES games! And that is why I want to share how I did to make my Android TV to a classic NES game console. So others can enjoy this retro experience!

At every subpage on this website there is a google-translation box. It is not 100% accurate but it can help everybody around the world can enjoy retro games on Android devices!

This guide is particular for turning your Android TV into a NES game console (Nintendo Entertainment System) also known as Nintendo 8-bit with help of an emulator software.

But it will also function with other retro game consoles on other Android devices.

I will try different emulators for different consoles on android to see what works best and write about it here. I'll start with NES.

I will also try to merge a PS3 control with a NES control, to play wireless with a NES control.